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Kay Truetone Speed Demon

Kay Truetone Speed Demon
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A BARGAIN FOR CLASSIC TONE. A Kay Truetone "Speed Demon" Archtop from the late 1950s/early 1960s - probably a 1959 model.

This guitar is a classic jazz style thinline archtop from the Kay Guitar Company. It has a Thin-Lite neck with adjustable truss rod. It has a fully arched spruce top and curly maple back, with a rosewood fingerboard. It dimensions are 1 3/4 "thick and 401/4x 15" wide body. The name "Speed Demon" refers to the thinner neck styling (for Kay), designed to make for a faster action.

The pickups on this guitar are the famous "road bump" variety, which are powerful single coils that have a bar magnet under the strings. This guitar is a good playing instrument with fabulous classic tones. All in good condition.

We are offering this as a very special price until the end of the year. 

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